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Pool Cover to Prevent Ducks in Pool Problem

How to keep ducks out of your pool.

We take time out explain the options, but unfortunately we have only found two viable solutions!

Over more than a decade, our customers have tested various duck prevention methods including:-

  • Solar Blankets & Thermal Covers.
  • Chemical repellents such as Duck Off & No More Ducks.
  • Flags, plastic Snakes & other deterrents.
  • Premium Leaf & Debris Cover.

Solar Blankets
Solar blankets float on the surface of the water and will submerge sufficiently with the weight of a duck to provide enough water to for them to paddle, play and enjoy.  This means that ducks will continue to enjoy the use of your pool, pooping on the pool blanket, coping and surrounding areas.

The top surface of the solar blanket will quickly become soiled with feathers and faeces which will smudge across both surfaces of the cover when the blanket is rolled. In short, a Solar Blanket exacerbates the duck problem and does not offer any form of relief.

“I just wanted to deter the ducks, I did not want to KILL them!” – Christina Rees.  Grasmere, NSW.

Chemical Repellents
Chemical repellents such as Duck Off and No More Ducks work by reducing the surface tension of the water.  This causes the ducks to sink further into the water, which they do not like.  Our customers have collectively used this product widely and report the following issues:-

  • The product is expensive and needs to be added regularly.
  • Some customers have concerns about the safety of the product.
  • Some customers report an offensive odour.
  • Many customers have reported that baby ducklings drowned in their pool after using these products.

Flags, streamers, fishing line, plastic snakes & other deterrents
All these things have been tried over and over, but we have never heard a success story to date.  Remarkably, the litter in our picture was intentionally deployed in a vain attempt to deter ducks from swimming in, and pooping around the pool!

Premium Leaf & Debris Cover
The Premium Leaf & Debris Cover is stretched tightly across the pool and does not contact the water.  It will prevent Leaves & Debris from entering your pool and will definitely deny access to even the most persistent duck!

“The cover looks fantastic, the ducks have gone to swim in someone else’s pool, and the leaves are harmlessly blowing away.  I am one happy pool owner!

Many thanks, Geoff Hay.  Sutherland Shire, NSW.”

This our most popular and versatile pool cover.  Extremely attractive, this cover is very light-weight and incredibly easy to remove and re-fit to your pool.  Being an open mesh material, the leaf & debris cover does not collect rainwater, is neutrally buoyant and will not become water-logged should it fall into the water.

By screening out all debris, and blocking 85% of sunlight, your pool maintenance is essentially eliminated with this cover in place.  In fact, the cover is so effective, that filtration and salt-chlorination must be reduced to about an hour per day, to prevent over-chlorination.  Evaporation will also be reduced by about 75% with our Leaf & Debris cover fitted to your pool.

The Premium Leaf & Debris Cover is very simple to manage.  It will effectively keep out ducks and all leaves & debris, yet does not pool water on top of the cover after rain.  The cover is pulled up tight by the straps and stays dry above the water level.  Leaves and debris falling on the cover will remain dry and generally just blow off.  You can assist this process with a blower if required.

The objective is to break the duck cycle by covering your pool for a few months so the ducks do not have any access to the water.  The pool will then be able to be uncovered for a number of weeks (ie during summer) without the ducks returning.  It is important to re-cover your pool at the end of the swimming season to prevent the ducks from coming back.

The leaf cover will effortlessly support ducks and small animals, keeping them high and dry above the water.  Ducks cannot access the water so it won’t be long before they relocate. Our Leaf & Debris Cover is not intended as a safety cover, however, it is firmly secured to the pool surround and does not detract from child safety.

Our Premium Leaf & Debris Cover is made of virgin woven polyethylene fabric.  The fabric is specially formulated for pool cover use and is stabilized against the damaging effects of Chlorine and Ultra Violet light.  The cover is extremely durable and carries a full 5 year warranty against faulty material, parts and workmanship.  With proper care, a life span in excess of 10 years can normally be expected.  Refer to our Leaf Cover Use & Care Instructions.

The Premium Leaf & Debris Cover will totally solve even the most extreme duck problem as well as controlling Leaves & Debris.  Our pool cover experts will design and custom build your cover to fit neatly and accurately around rocks, waterfalls and other features.  In fact, we regularly fit covers to pools that our competitors have dismissed as impossible!

Our Leaf & Debris Cover is the best available, featuring:-

  • Guaranteed to keep ducks, leaves & debris out of your pool*.
  • Extremely lightweight & durable, polyethylene trampoline mesh which is manufactured in the USA.
  • Does not puddle rainwater.
  • Fade Resistant straps & material.
  • No deck roller is required. Simply place the lightweight cover in the generous storage bag provided.
  • Self Cleansing – Rainwater passes through the Leaf & Debris Cover, gently cleansing it.
  • Full 5 year warranty against faulty material, parts and workmanship – not the inferior pro rata warranty which is offered by our competitors!
  • Fully welded seams which run width-wise across the cover for stronger construction & better support**.   Unlike our competitors sewn seams that are prone to failure, our welded seams are the strongest part of the cover!
  • Reinforced straps, buckles and pavement anchors are aligned with each seam to provide a strong matrix of extra support. This keeps the cover high and dry above the water line.
  • The Premium Leaf & Debris Cover is NOT a safety cover, but is secured to the pavement. It will effortlessly support small pets and animals.
  • Stylish (316) Marine Grade Stainless Steel anchor pins which secure the cover with only a discreet 5mm drill hole in the pavement.  The inconspicuous attachments are the same diameter as the hole in a cocktail drinking straw and are positioned almost a metre apart. The attachments do not damage the pool surround or affect the aesthetics of your pool. The cover is tensioned by pulling on the straps after fitting.  When the cover is removed, all that remains are a few tiny holes in the pavement!
  • Our Leaf & Debris Cover is fully hemmed and fitted with reinforced straps & buckles.  Also, the strap ends are sewn over to prevent the anchor hooks from falling off and becoming lost.
  • A full selection of special anchors are available which are specifically designed for the complex cover installations on pools with rocks, water features, fountains and retaining walls.
  • The Premium Leaf & Debris Cover can be fitted to an empty pool.
  • Our fully automated manufacturing process from CAD to completion ensures accurate & consistent, high quality production.
  • DIY self-measure / self-installation is available outside our service areas or to suit your budget.*   Pool water must be maintained at recommended level.
    ** Seams may run length-ways on long, narrow pools.
We would be delighted to provide our expert advice to create your perfect pool cover which is guaranteed to fit seamlessly to all the features of your pool.

Please complete our On-Line Quotation Request or call us on 1300 COVERS (1300 268377) to arrange your free quote.

Customer Reviews

Deb MVic, Australia
From first contacting Just Covers to installation was fast, efficient and professional. The cover is exactly as described in the product description and serves it purpose perfectly. I would unreservedly recommend Just Covers and would definitely use them again in the future.

Ducks enjoy wallowing on a Solar Blanket

Remarkably, this litter was intentionally deployed in a vain attempt to deter ducks from swimming in, and pooping around the pool!

A Pool Safety Net will prevent ducks because they cannot walk on the net with their webbed feet.

Duck & Leaf Problem both Solved with a Premium Leaf & Debris Cover!

An inquisitive duck, which has just been displaced from its home after installation of our Premium Leaf & Debris Cover.  It cannot access water, so will soon relocate to a new home.

Green Leaf & Debris Cover keeps ducks off the pool.