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Winter Shutdown Cover

Our Winter Shutdown Cover provides a total pool shutdown solution during the non-swimming season.  Chemicals and filtration are normally not required during the shutdown period.

Just Covers offer the perfect solution with our exclusive Shutdown Cover.  When properly installed, the Shutdown Cover will seal off the pool and reduce maintenance costs by eliminating the need for filtration and preventing dust, leaves and debris from entering.

Pool shops and pool technicians have a vested interest in NOT promoting Shutdown Covers because these covers essentially put them out of work.  Pool shops will not act as resellers for our product because it undermines their chemical, equipment and pool servicing sales.

This cover offers complete pool shutdown and also saves water by reducing evaporation by a massive 99.6%.   The Shutdown Cover is manufactured from Australian made, reinforced Vinyl.  All seams and hems are welded and become the strongest part of the cover.   We have been selling and installing the Shutdown pool cover since 1978, during which time we have gained vast experience in the industry and seen the longevity of the vinyl.  The cover carries a full 5 year warranty against faulty material, manufacturing and installation.  With normal use and basic care, a life expectancy in excess of 10 years should be achieved.

Every pool cover is custom-made to ensure a precise fit.  The cover can be designed to any shape and be fitted around most obstructions.  A limitation of this cover, however, is that all sides of the pool need to be relatively accessible.  Where access is an issue, our Leaf & Debris Cover may be a better choice.  We will be happy to provide advice if you are unsure.

The cover is secured to the pool surround using quality marine rope and stainless steel clips.  A non-corrosive, glass-filled nylon expanding plug is anchored into the pavement at installation.  The plug is firmly embedded into the pool surround and will not pull out but does not cause a stubbing or tripping hazard.  The plugs are available in terracotta and grey in order to blend with your paving or grout lines.

The attachments are difficult for children to remove and the cover will effortlessly support a child’s weight.  Provided the cover is kept free of excess water as recommended, it will provide a significant safety benefit.

Removing the Cover
For ease of removal it is best to have 2 people.  If possible, work towards a paved area that is free of obstructions at one end of the pool.  Remove any water and debris from the top of the cover, then undo the clips around the pool.    With one person each side and keeping the cover taut, take a firm grip of the corners and pull the cover about 1 metre onto the paved area.  Pull the cover evenly to ensure that it continues to overlap the pool surround on the sides to prevent the cover from sinking.  The cover will glide quite easily across the water.    Now take hold about 1 metre from the pool edge and pleat the cover in a concertina fashion using your foot to create the crease.   Fold the cover in half lengthwise and roll up, starting at the folded end.  This will force the air out of the cover and make a neat, portable roll.

Replacing the Cover   
Unroll the pleated cover at the working end of the pool and attach the locking clips at the working end only.  With one person each side and keeping the cover taut, grasp the free corners and walk lengthwise.  The cover will unfurl easily as you go.  Attach the remaining clips to complete the task.

Keep the cover free of excess water
Excess water that collects on the cover after rain must be removed.  In most situations this can be achieved using your garden hose. In installations where this is not possible, a cover pump may be necessary.

Pool Cover Pump – Not normally required

The submersible pump is weighted so it creates its own depression to collect water.  It uses a simple garden hose attachment (hose and fitting not included).  The pump is supplied with 10m of electrical cord.  Once primed, the unit can also work as an ordinary siphon and the power supply can be turned off.

We will be pleased to explain the water removal method appropriate to your site at the time of quotation.  We will also provide a demonstration of water removal after installation.

We would be delighted to provide our expert advice to find the perfect pool cover solution for you.  Please contact Just Covers to explore the possibilities and arrange for your free quotation.

We also regularly supply DIY Shutdown Covers throughout Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia for self-installation.  Please contact us for details.

Customer Reviews

The picture above shows a pool immediately after the Shutdown cover was removed after 9 months of Pool Shutdown.  No filtration or chemicals are used during the shutdown period.

Deb MVic, Australia
From first contacting Just Covers to installation was fast, efficient and professional. The cover is exactly as described in the product description and serves it purpose perfectly. I would unreservedly recommend Just Covers and would definitely use them again in the future.