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Leisure Horizon Infinity Pool

Custom Cover for Leisure Horizon Infinity Pool

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Leisure Horizon Infinity Edge (Vanishing & Wet Edge) Pool

The Leisure Horizon infinity edge pool has an individual character which makes designing the cover a unique challenge.  Just Covers have the experience and expertise to guarantee a perfect result every time.

We are pleased to offer this unique cover either as an off-the-shelf DIY solution, or as a custom full-service installation within our extensive Australia-wide service area.

Covering the Leisure Horizon Infinity edge pool is a specialist operation that very few pool cover companies are equipped to undertake.

There are numerous complications including:-

  • Restricted access to one or more sides of the pool.
  • Narrow coping and narrow infinity edge spillway which is curved, leaving virtually nothing to support the edge of the cover.
  • No clearance between the spillway and water level.  Unless this edge of the cover is elevated, the cover will just sag into the water and collect leaves & debris!
  • We have cleverly integrated the holding tank cover into a single pool cover which fits seamlessly to the pool and holding tank to prevent leaves and debris from entering any part of the pool.
  • Our unique cover design and attachment system ensures that the cover is kept taught, without wrinkles, high and dry above the water level.  Leaves and debris collecting on the cover will remain dry and will simply blow off.   This process can be assisted with a leaf blower if required.
  • Our unique attachments system ensures that no fixings are required to be fitted to the delicate fibreglass pool shell.

A Leaf & Debris Cover on your Leisure Horizon Infinity Edge (Vanishing & Wet Edge) Pool will totally solve even the most extreme leaf problem.

Your Leisure Horizon Infinity Edge Leaf & Debris Cover is extremely light weight (8kg average).  During fitting and removal the cover floats on the surface of the water so it is easy to get on and off – even by one person. It is secured by straps to the pool surround. An advantage of the Infinity Edge Leaf Cover is that it does not collect rainwater, so the cover will remain high and dry above the water line.

Our Leaf & Debris Cover is the best available, featuring:-

  • Guaranteed perfect fit to keep leaves & debris out of your pool.
  • Prevents ducks from accessing the pool.
  • Extremely lightweight & durable, polyethylene trampoline mesh which is manufactured in the USA.
  • Does not puddle rainwater.
  • Fade Resistant straps & material.
  • No deck roller is required. Simply place the lightweight cover in the generous storage bag provided.
  • Self Cleansing – Rainwater passes through the Leaf & Debris Cover, gently cleansing it.
  • Full 5 year warranty against faulty material, parts and workmanship – not the inferior pro rata warranty which is offered by our competitors!
  • Fully welded seams which run width-wise across the cover for stronger construction & better support.   Unlike our competitors sewn seams that are prone to failure, our welded seams are the strongest part of the cover!
  • Reinforced straps, buckles and pavement anchors are aligned with each seam to provide a strong matrix of extra support. This keeps the cover high and dry above the water line.
  • The Premium Leaf & Debris Cover is NOT a safety cover, but is secured to the pavement. It will effortlessly support small pets and animals.
  • Our stylish (316) Marine Grade Stainless Steel anchor pins secure the cover with only a discreet 5mm drill hole in the adjacent pavement or decking.  No attachments are located in the delicate fibreglass pool shell.  The inconspicuous attachments are the same diameter as the hole in a cocktail drinking straw and are positioned almost a metre apart. The attachments do not damage the pool surround or affect the aesthetics of your pool. The cover is tensioned by pulling on the straps after fitting.  When the cover is removed, all that remains are a few tiny holes in the pavement!
  • Our Leaf & Debris Cover is fully hemmed and fitted with reinforced straps & buckles.  Also, the strap ends are sewn over to prevent the anchor hooks from falling off and becoming lost.
  • The Premium Leaf & Debris Cover can be fitted to an empty pool.
  • Our fully automated manufacturing process from CAD to completion ensures accurate & consistent, high quality production.
We have this cover design on file and offer the choice of  full measure and installation or an off-the shelf DIY solution.

Please complete our On-Line Quotation Request or call us on 1300 COVERS (1300 268377) to arrange your no-obligation free quote.

Customer Reviews

Deb MVic, Australia
From first contacting Just Covers to installation was fast, efficient and professional. The cover is exactly as described in the product description and serves it purpose perfectly. I would unreservedly recommend Just Covers and would definitely use them again in the future.