We’ve all heard our fair share of swimming pool ‘myths’ but which are true and which aren’t? We’ve chosen 5 of the most popular swimming pool myths, so read on to find out more.

#1: If there’s a strong smell of chlorine in a pool then there’s too much of it in the water

Myth: False

In actual fact, you may be surprised to learn that this is, in fact, the opposite. Chlorine in the pool acts as a magnet for bacteria turning it into chloramines. The act of shocking your pool causes the chloramines to dissolve into oxygen and disappear into the air. It’s at THIS point that you can smell chlorine when it’s in the air – not the water. If you can smell chlorine in the air then it’s clearly not doing its job in the water and you need to add more.

#Chlorine turns blonde hair green!

Myth: False

In this case, it’s not chlorine that’s the culprit, instead, it’s copper. Some algaecides contain copper and the oxidised metals in the water may attach themselves to the protein in the hair shaft. Don’t worry you can prevent this by conditioning your hair before going for a swim, or if the worse happens you can use a shampoo afterwards which strips away the colour.

#3 Myth: Wait an hour after eating before taking a swim or you’ll get cramps

Myth: Some truth

Our mums used to tell us this one too and on a hot summer’s day, it was agony waiting before allowed to jump into the pool to cool off. In all truth, when your stomach is digesting food, your body sends more blood to assist the process, leaving your muscles a little short. If you overwork your muscles when swimming there is a slight chance of you getting cramps, but it doesn’t happen that often. Instead, why not ask your mum to make you a lighter meal so you can ease right back into the pool afterwards without her worrying?

#4 Myth: If you pee in the pool, the water will change colour

Myth: False

So, you fell for that one too eh! This is one is a real legend but is it true or is it a scare tactic? Well, the latter of course. Parents have used this saying for decades to stop their children relieving themselves in the pool and, dare we say it, many adults believe it too! If a chemical could be used to turn the water a different colour when it came into contact with urine, it would be very difficult to prevent it from reacting with other pool water substances as well.

#5 Myth: A clear pool is clean and healthy

#5 Myth: A clear pool is healthy and clean

Myth: False

Appearances can be deceptive. Don’t trust how your pool appears visually but instead turn to chemistry for conclusive evidence. Pool water should be tested every week and you should pay attention to water chemistry to ensure that the level of microorganisms in the water isn’t unhealthily high.

So, next time you hear one of these swimming pool myths, at least now you’re armed with the truth.

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