benefits of swimming pool coversIsn’t it great to have a swimming pool in your backyard? It’s an ideal place for friends and family to chill out and have some fun. But you may be wondering “what are the benefits of swimming pool covers and do I need one?”

Pool covers are handy things to have because not only do they stop dirt and debris getting in your pool but they can also save you hundreds of dollars on your water bill by stopping water evaporation. A cover is also a good way to keep your water warm and extend your swimming season.

If you’re looking for a single reason to invest in a pool cover then it has to be water evaporation. Did you know that an average 8 x 4m pool without a cover can lose as much as 45,000 litres of water a year and a whopping 80,000 if the water is heated all year round?

So, what affects the rate of water evaporation?

  • Pool surface area – the bigger your pool, the greater its surface area and the greater the volume of water loss through evaporation
  • Water and air temperature – Water evaporates the most when the difference between the temperature of the water and the air is at its highest. Often, this is later in the day when the air temperature may have dropped but the temperature of the water remains relatively warm.
  • Humidity – If you happen to live in an area with high humidity then you’re lucky in as much as less water evaporation will occur. Typically, the drier the air the greater the evaporation rate.
  • Wind – This is another significant factor that affected the rate of water evaporation in a home pool. A gentle breeze can practically double the rate of water lost to evaporation simply by blowing away the layer of warm moist air that sits above your pool.

4 Benefits of swimming pool covers

Saves water

We’ve already mentioned the volume of water lost in an average 8 x 4m size pool without a cover. By using a pool cover, you could save yourself money on your water bill by not having to use your tap to replace approximately 45,000 litres of lost pool water each year.

Pool water stays cleaner

Replacing your pool cover once you’ve done with swimming each day means that next tie you come to use it you’ll be able to dive straight in without spending time fishing out leaves and other debris that would otherwise have blown in.

Reduces chemical loss  

Using chemicals to balance your pool water is both time-consuming and costly. Another of the benefits of swimming pool covers is that they reduce the need for salt and chlorine by up to 50% by preventing the chemicals from evaporating into the air along with the water.

Reduces heating costs

A pool cover can increase heat retention by up to 75% saving you money on the power used to run a pump, gas or solar system since any generated heat won’t be instantly lost. Even better, it means your system doesn’t have to work so hard which, in turn, reduces running times and costs.

So, there you have it. 4 benefits of swimming pool covers that should convince you that you really do need a pool cover.

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