pool cover rollerAre you wondering whether or not you need a pool cover roller? If you’ve ever installed or owned a  cover for your pool, you’ll don’t need us to tell you how much easier it is to manage with a roller.

For those of you that are considering purchasing a  cover for your pool, we‘d like to talk to you about the pros and cons of investing in a roller. This way you can make an informed buying decision.

So, let’s dive in …..

The pros of a roller

  • Receive maximum benefits from your pool’s cover – In order to gain access to the benefits promised by having a pool cover such as warmer water, fewer chemicals, reduced running costs, less cleaning time, you need to use your cover. Pretty simple right?

In other words, you need to use your pool cover whenever you’re not using your pool.

That said, the majority of pool owners will only leave their pool cover on provided it’s not a lot of hassle taking it off and putting it back on.

A pool cover roller enables you to take your cover off in about 60 seconds in most cases.

Without a roller, it’s likely to take around 10 minutes or longer. Then you’ve got to try and fold it so you can store it someplace. Believe it or not, folding a pool cover is much harder than folding bed sheets.

  • Reduced wear and tear – Without using a roller there’s a risk of scraping or tearing your cover on any paving, rocks, or fences – and as for trying to move it through your pool fence gate – well let’s not even go there! Why? Because an average pool cover is about 5 times wider than any pool gate.

Okay, so these are the benefits of owning a pool cover roller what about the disadvantages?

The cons of a cover roller

  • Pool cover rollers can be expensive – Yes, we can’t deny this. A roller cover generally costs anywhere from $250 to $550 for one that is operated manually and between $800 to $5000 for an automated roller.

While they can be expensive, the lower-priced manual pool cover roller works well for most pool owners.

  • Takes up space – Since rollers typically take up some space at the end of the pool, if space is limited, then a roller may not work for you. That said, there are other options such as a roller which can be recessed into the ground. Known as an in-ground or hidden pool cover roller, it’s barely noticeable with its flush seamless finish.
  • Looks ugly – Well, you can get around this by choosing as nice a looking roller cover that you can find. Alternatively, if you have a solar pool cover you might want to consider the Daisy Under Bench Roller which sits neatly below an attractive bench that provides stylish seating too.

As you can see, there are only a couple of downsides to buying a roller for your cover and, in our opinion, the benefits far outweigh the cons.

If you intend to regularly take your cover on and off, then we recommend you consider a roller.

For more advice and information about pool cover rollers contact Just Covers and speak to one of our friendly experts.