A little like the human body, your pool is a well-honed system consisting of several organs or parts which keep it running smoothly. Just like your heart keeps blood pumping around your body, a pool’s filtration system works in a similar fashion to circulate the water, keeping it clean and clear and ensuring your pool is ready for the whole family to enjoy. Just as your body needs regular check-ups to maintain its health, a pool also needs regular maintenance to keep it performing at its best.

To help you get better acquainted with your pool, we’ve put together a short list of the basic equipment and parts. Your pool’s filtration system consists of several parts including a pump, filter, chlorinator, and maybe a heater. The main role of the filtration system is to get rid of any dirt and debris by filtering the water and dispersing chemicals which will keep the water sanitised and germ-free.

The Pump

The pump keeps the water moving through the filtration system in order for it to be cleaned and heated, if you have a heater that is. There are a few options to consider when buying a pump such as a single or double speed, or a variable speed. Any pool shop worth its salt will help you choose the best solution for your pool.

The Filter

This works closely with the pump and basically traps such things as hair, sand, dirt and other fine particles which the naked eye would struggle to see.

The Chlorinator

The job of the chlorinator is to add chemicals to your pool’s water and again, there are various options which can be discussed with your pool expert.

The Heater

Heating the water extends your swimming season and lets you use your pool both early in the morning before the sun has warmed it, and late at night once the sun has gone down. You can choose from gas, electric, and solar and your pool expert will help you decide on the size and method of heater best suited to your pool.

The Skimmer

Finally, the last important part of your pool support system is the skimmer. This is usually built into the pool itself and normally has a basket which collects debris and that can be easily removed and emptied as and when necessary. Skimmers can also be sold as additional parts or as adaptors for automatic/robotic pool cleaners.

So there you have it – the basic parts which make up your swimming pool. Provided you maintain them and treat them well they’ll all work together to keep your pool sparkling clean and healthy.

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