pool coverPool costs soon mount up, so for many pool owners, the additional cost of purchasing a pool cover is often viewed as yet another expense. But what if we were to tell you that using a cover all year round for your pool can actually save you money?

Yes, we thought that might grab your attention.

Many pool owners that do have a pool cover, often think it’s something just to be used in the cooler winter months but they are mistaken, and these are the reasons why:

A pool cover lowers water usage

While it’s true that evaporation occurs all year round, water is lost from your pool at a far greater rate in the summer months when the sun is beating down on your pool. Using a cover blocks out those rays and prevents the extra heat from coming into contact with the water – but more importantly, a cover traps moisture and prevents it from evaporating into the air. Since you won’t have to top up your pool quite so often, you should notice a significant reduction in your water bill.

Keeps your pool warmer

Another benefit of keeping your pool covered during the summer months is a reduction in heat loss. We all know that the temperature drops at night, even on the hottest day, and this causes the water temperature to drop as well. However, since a pool cover helps retain heat, in many cases, pool owners find their pool is warm enough to swim in early in the morning without waiting for the sun to heat it up. This means you can swim earlier in the day but also save on electricity by not having to put on your pool heater.

Keeps the pool cleaner

It can be a right pain in the neck having to spend time scooping out insects, flower petals and leaves, as well as other debris that lands in an uncovered pool before you can use it. Besides that, if you don’t keep your pool meticulously clean, it can encourage algae to grow – causing your pool water to turn an unattractive shade of green – nightmare! This brings us nicely onto the next benefit.

A pool cover reduces chemical usage

Since a pool cover keeps your pool water cleaner, you’ll find that you don’t have to use as many chemicals in order to keep your pool water clear and sparkling. You may not know, but rainwater can also cause a chemical imbalance, so there’s another benefit of keeping your pool covered all year round.

Less maintenance time

Keeping your pool covered also means you don’t have to spend so much time on maintenance. I mean, surely you’d rather spend your time having fun swimming in your pool then standing on the edge cleaning it.

By stopping leaves and debris getting into your pool, less time will be spent on vacuuming it. Plus if there’s less evaporation happening, there will no need to top up the water level as frequently and less money to spend on achieving the right chemical balance.

If you’re interested in buying a pool cover but not sure what’s best for your needs and your pool, then get in touch with the experts at Just Covers. We design and install high-grade custom pool covers for any size and style of pool, even those with fountains and edges lined with rocks.

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