pool filtration mythsWe’ve all seen lots of information on pool filtration on the internet, but it’s not all true – many of them are pool filtration myths. One thing to know is that is true is that you need to have the right filtration solutions for your pool to maintain both your pool equipment and clear pool water.

That aside, let’s take a look at some of the most common pool filtration myths you’re likely to have come across.

5 Common Pool filtration myths busted

My pool water is clear, so it must be healthy, right?

Wrong! Clear pool water doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s healthy. Your water could contain harmful viruses or bacteria that can’t be seen by the naked eye. This is why it’s important both your health and your pool’s health to test your water since this will show whether your poo; water has low chlorine or the wrong pH levels.

Filtration doesn’t affect the health and pH balance of pool water

Failing to use the right filtration for your pool can seriously impact pH levels and the overall health of your pool water. By properly filtering the water in your pool it keeps the water moving and helps avoid pockets of pH fluctuation or dissolved solids. You should also be aware that a good filter helps reduce the amount of chlorine needed in your pool water, saving you money.

Pool filtration mythsAll pool chemicals are the same

You probably know the saying “you get what you pay for” and this is especially true when it comes to pool chemicals. When there are so many choices to be had, it’s important to know what is being added to your chemicals. Take chlorine, for example. This can be made at low cost using raw materials of a poor quality combined with inferior heating, cooling, and drying equipment. With the ever-growing practice of using by-products in the production of chemicals, you may save money on chemicals but they probably won’t be doing a good job of keeping your pool water healthy and may also cause reactions.

There’s no need to clean a pool filter  

Not cleaning your filter, sand and cartridges can lead to serious issues with your pool. A dirty filter means filtration is decreased which, in turn, risks the growth of algae. a dirty filter can also strain your pool pump as it attempts to push water through a device that is clogged. Not only can this shorten the life of the filter, but it can mean you have to replace it sooner too.

All sand is equal

Oh no, it isn’t! There are two types of sand: one that is a by-product of waste material from things such as glass manufacturing and the other which is designed specifically for water filtration media. If you need to replace your filter sand, then be sure to choose sand which guarantees to perform well in the filtration process. Choosing inferior sand can only mean one thing –  ineffective filtration.

So now you know the pool filtration myths to avoid, what else can you do to keep your pool water clean and healthy? Consider a pool cover. This helps keep your pool water clean and healthy by preventing debris and bugs from entering the water and should be used all year round.

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