pool cover An irregular size or shape pool often can’t be avoided due to space constrictions but when you’ve gone for decorative features such as a rock edge or a small wall or even a fountain, you may find it a struggle to find a pool cover that fits.

The dilemma of sourcing the right  cover

Although there are plenty of covers available on the market, often the problem isn’t necessarily about finding a cover that accommodates the shape and features of your pool but is more likely to be that a cover roller is required in the majority of cases. This makes it even more difficult to find a  cover that fits because not only do you need to know if there is room for a pool cover roller installation but will the odd shape of the cover be able to be rolled up.

This is without a doubt a valid consideration since a cover roller makes easier work of handling a pool cover, except when it’s exceptionally small.

If your fenced-in pool doesn’t leave sufficient room for a pool cover roller to be in the correct position on the deck, you may have been advised not to even buy a pool cover.

So, in this instance what should you do?

The answer is to get in touch with the pool cover experts at Just Covers. When it comes to installing covers for unusually shaped pools or one with rocks or other features, we literally have got it covered!

Say hello to our premium leaf and debris pool cover

This unique cover is designed to solve all of the above problems and comprises a specialist attachment system which keeps the pool cover taught above the level of the water, high and dry and wrinkle-free. Any debris or leaves that accumulate on the cover can simply be blown away with the help of a garden blower.

At Just Covers, we custom design our covers to accurately and neatly around fountains, rocks, and other pool features. Secured to the paved area around your pool, it eliminates the need for a pool roller cover. Made from the type of mesh that’s used for trampolines, its lightweight and won’t puddle water.

When you want to remove it, simply undo the straps and the cover floats on the surface making it a breeze to roll up and store in the roomy bag that it comes supplied with. It’s that easy, that a person on their own can easily remove and stow away the cover.

If you’d like to learn more about our custom made leaf and debris pool cover then contact Just Covers on 1300 268377 and let’s talk.