So you’ve gone ahead and installed an in-ground swimming pool which you just know you and your family are going to enjoy this summer. In fact, it’s probably going to be a real struggle getting the kids out of the pool! The only thing that’s niggling at the back of your mind is whether or not you need to invest in a swimming pool cover.

Do I really need a swimming pool cover?

In one word, yes! No pool should be without a cover. Sure you may know people who muddle through without a pool cover for the sake of saving a few dollars, but let’s be honest, who do they think they’re kidding? We don’t mind betting that they spend more time and money on opening, winterising, and maintaining their pool than anyone with a pool cover.

So yes, it’s a great idea to invest in a quality pool cover that’s going to last you for years to come.

The reasons why you need a pool cover

There are several reasons your pool needs a cover but the main one is it will save you an awful lot of hassle and make your life easier – who knows, you may even be able to spend as much time in the pool as your kids!

1. Safety – We’ve all heard dreadful stories of young children barely out of sight for more than a couple of minutes falling into a swimming pool and drowning. We can’t even imagine the heartache that would bring. If you have children or your friends have children that are likely to visit and want to play in the pool, then we urge you to invest in a pool cover for their safety. Our Pool Safety Net is custom made to fit any shape or size of pool and fits both inground and above ground pools. It doesn’t interfere with the aesthetics of your pool and can be removed and refitted in less than 5 minutes – a small price to pay for the safety of a child.

2.Save energy – If you’ve done any research on pool covers you’ll already know that they’re the best way of reducing the cost of heating your pool. Did you know the average pool loses around 70% of its energy through evaporation and installing a pool cover can significantly reduce this? This means you won’t have to top up the water in your pool so often and your pool heater won’t have to work so hard to keep the water heated. Pool covers also help keep your pool water warmer when the heater is switched off.

3. Reduce chemical use – The one chemical that most pool owners use is chlorine but did you know that the sun causes chlorine to deteriorate? A pool cover will protect your pool from the sun when no-one is using it and cut down on the amount of chlorine you’ll need to add each week.

4. Keeps your pool clean – A pool cover keeps bugs and debris out of your pool and while it sounds like a bit of a no-brainer you’ll be surprised how many non pool cover owners haven’t caught on to this for the simple reason they’re used to spending their mornings fishing out pool rubbish with a net! Keeping a pool cover on helps prevent all that dirt and algae from forming which means less pool scrubbing and vacuuming for you.

Ready to shop pool covers?

If you’re now convinced that you need a pool cover then look no further than Just Covers. We’re experts at pool cover design and installation. Why not give us a call to find out more about how we can help you? Call Just Covers today on 1300 268 377 and speak to the pool cover experts.