Many people love the idea of having their own swimming pool but does it add more value to your property, particularly when you want to sell?

There are lots of benefits to having a swimming pool – relaxation, exercise, aesthetics, entertainment, fun for the kids – to mention just a few but the crunch question is will a pool add monetary value to your home?

Strange, though it may seem, swimming pools are more often seen in coastal resorts. For people living in these areas, water is a way of life,and for many of them, a swimming pool is perceived to add value.

Installing a swimming pool in a cooler climate isn’t such a good idea since it can only be used for a few months of the year. There are cases where people have spent thousands of dollars on heated indoors pools and haven’t got recovered their outlay when it comes to selling.

Points to Consider

Before deciding to install a swimming pool it’s makes sense to take into account the local market. Do most of the houses in your neighbourhood have pools? If they don’t then there’s probably a good reason why. In this case having a pool could be detrimental since any potential buyers looking to buy in your neighbourhood would probably disregard your house whereas those who do want a pool could always install one themselves. However, if you live in an upmarket area where the climate is warm, then most buyers are likely to expect a pool.

Talk to a local real estate agent

It’s probably best to get some advice from a local real estate agent before splashing out big bucks on getting a pool installed. They should be able to tell you how much additional value if any, a swimming pool would add to your property.

Constraints and costs

While a pool may be cost-effective on a level block of land if it’s sloping, rocky, or has difficult access then the costs could outweigh the benefits.

Some buyers may view a swimming pool as a burden, something they don’t want the hassle of, and consequently steer clear of properties with pools; but, on the other hand, some buyers could be willing to pay more just to get a pool.

What sort of pool adds value?

In addition, be aware of which type of pool is likely to add monetary value to your property. While a vinyl above ground pool is the cheapest option at around $3,000 it’s not likely to add any value. Whereas an in-ground concrete pool costing from $30,000 to $80,000 provided it’s well designed, landscaped, and integrates perfectly with the design of your house, should add value.

If you do decide to install a pool just be mindful that it doesn’t dominate your garden and leave you with very little space to have a yard. It’s important when you come to sell, that just like your home, your pool is attractive, clean, and in a good state of repair.

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