above ground pool coverMore and more people are choosing above ground pools for the advantages they offer. That said, it’s important for owners to take care of them because with the arrival of winter they won’t be getting much, if any, use. The best thing to do in this situation is to find a winter above ground pool cover to keep your pool in perfect condition, without needing to empty it.

Pool covers can be easily installed and are extremely beneficial in the long term, as you will see from the 5 reasons we’ve given below.

A winter above ground pool cover prevents water evaporation

One of the main reasons for covering an above ground pool is to prevent water evaporation. This has a significant effect on energy and water consumption, which means you can benefit from considerable savings by preventing the loss of water.

By having a winter cover, less water is lost than normally happens in winter, and this means there is no need to refill your pool quite so often.

Maintains water temperature

If you have an above ground pool that relies on the sun to heat the water, covering the pool will create an atmosphere that enables the water to retain its heat overnight. Consequently, if the sun has been shining all day on the water and warming it, the heat will be maintained and the water will still be warm enough in the morning when you feel like a quick dip. By not losing heat at night, your pool water will be hotter than it is normally in the winter.

Reduces chemical usage

Chemicals are necessary to keep the water clean as well as for optimal maintenance and hygiene. By investing in a winter cover for your above ground pool, you won’t need to use so many chemicals. Without exposure to impurities in the air, the pool water will become less cloudy and less likely to turn green and stagnate.

In addition, the continued use of chemicals in your pool can produce reactions or allergies such as watery eyes, skin irritation, and even asthma. Therefore getting a pool cover will not only improve your water quality but the health of those who swim in it too.

Less cleaning

The longer your pool is covered during the day, the less dirt it will accumulate. To keep a pool clean you need to clean the structure of the pool too. As a rule, particularly during the winter months, the water gets dirtier because of things like twigs, leaves, and insects that get blown in. A winter above ground pool cover will prevent this from happening to mean you won’t have to spend so much time removing objects and cleaning the bottom of your pool.

It’s safer

One of the main reasons for covering any pool is to prevent children from falling in. At Just Covers, we provide a pool safety net which can be used all the year round and creates the ultimate barrier between your child and your pool. You can read more about it on our website.

So there you have it – 5 reasons to consider investing in a winter above ground pool cover.

We design and install custom pool covers for all sizes and all shapes of pool. If you’d like to find out more, then please call Just Covers on 1300 268 377 to speak to one of our pool experts.